Good Guidance
Good guidance from people who care

Good Learning

Good Guidance comes via many methods. We don’t only consult, but offer workshops and training courses aimed at equipping your teams with the knowledge they need to be able to work better.

Agile Service Management & DevOps simulations

Challenges relating to ABC (Attitude, Behaviour, Culture) are a key barrier to the success of any ITIL improvement initiative. Simulations such as The Phoenix Project and MarsLander can help teams to understand what they need to do to change their ABC to fit with change, and CIOs can help teams understand what is required of the teams BEFORE change occurs.

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Knowledge Management


Being a KCS certified trainer enables Aprill to deliver online training in KCS Fundamentals, Keys to a Kick-Ass Knowledge Base or to run on-site courses for your knowledge champions who need to know how to adopt & sustain KCS.

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Lean Learning

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Workshops designed with the aim to identify and educate teams on issues facing your business. Depending on your business , simulation workshops may be playing with Lego or running a Cruise Ship business (Including the captains hat!).

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Organisational Change Management


Karen runs a multitude of workshops to help your organisation steer through the often turbulent waters of change.

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